POWER DISTRIBUTION PANEL With the aim to meet the varied Distribution Panel requirements of our customers. We manufacture and supply superior quality distribution panels which are available in standardized as well as customized designs. Comprising incoming ACB or MCCB and outgoings MCCB’S or SDFU’S, our range of distribution panel is available in compartmentalized construction and with IP54 Protection.
BUS DUCTS We offer a wide range bus ducts for both AC & DC. AC Bus ducts are utilized in the application of connection from Transformer to control panel.
POWER DISTRIBUTION CUM AMF PANEL WITH APFC With the help of our high end Engineering Facility, we manufacture combined panel which includes AMF, LT Distribution and APFC Panel which saves inter cabling, space and maintenance.
DG AMF & AUTO LOAD SHARING, AUTO SYNCHRONISING PANELS We design and manufacture AMF Control Panels for Single DG & EB Control. We also manufacture Auto Load Sharing, Auto Synchronising Control Panels for Fisheries, Cement Plants, Hydraulic Industries applications.
CONTROL DESK / DISTRIBUTION MODEL We are offering a complete range of Control desk that are manufactured using the latest technology. Control desk are used to control various motors & machine on/off, remotely operated in any comfortable place or monitoring. Main MCC Panel is interlinking with Control desk. Our panels are used for automatic machine operation. This finds wide application in the industries such as Sugar Industry, Paper Industry, Cement Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, etc. these products are offered at the most competitive prices to our customers in shortest delivery timings.
MCC PANEL We manufacture and supply Motor Control Center to our customers which are used to distribute power to different motor loads. These motor loads will be fitted in different parts of the factory and MCC helps in distributing power from one place through the motor starter fitted in panel of required rating with full protection. Which finds wide application in different industries such as Sugar Industry, Paper Industry, Cement Industry, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, etc. Some of the salient features of our product are
  • Separate Bus bar and cable chambers.
  • Sufficient space for incoming and outgoing cables.
  • Door interlock (with defeat feature) to prevent accidental contact with lie terminals.
  • Illumination in vertical cable chamber.
  • Compartmentalized design eliminates risk to maintenance personal.
  • Shrouds on live incoming terminals.
CONTROL RELAY PANEL We design and manufacture control and relay panels are widely used in various electronic based applications. Apart from the standard range, we are capable of offering mimic panels in customized from as per client’s specific requirements. Control and relay panels to meet the needs of control, instrumentation and protection. Our panels are constructed using superior quality sheet steel and all the fabricated parts are thoroughly cleaned using pre-treatment process and are then coated with shade RAL7032. The panel doors are fully gasketed for protection against dust. These panels are available up to 220 KV.
AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CORRECTION (APFC) CAPACITOR PANEL We manufacture and supply automatic power factor correction capacitor panels that are the ideal solution for all power factor problems. Our automatic power correction panels are fully able to maintain unity power factor. We design power factor correction panels in a manner so that they cut down on electricity costs. These panels comprises of a power factor controller that accurately monitors reactive power in power systems in order to save energy. These are also used to monitor the power factor.

The capacitors are also provided with series reactors that minimize harmonic current that otherwise can alter system voltage and current. These are available in different capacity ranging from 20 KVAR to 2000 KVAR

  • All the capacitor banks are controlled by Micro controller Technology
  • Auto/Manual selector is availabley
  • Incoming control and total protection of panel with 3pole/MCCB
  •  Higher, Healthy PF maintaining (between 0.94-0.99) brings off course, great escapes from the penalty from the electricity Board  and chance of getting good incentive from the electricity Board
  • Soft relay operation of capacitor boosting help for smooth power factor
  • Good quality & Healthy run of your induction load (Motors, Air conditioners, compressors)
  • Process Plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels & Hospitals
  •  LT & HT Industries
MIMIC PANEL MIMIC panels provide a schematic overview of warning LEDS. This panel shows a projection of the various control points and allows to monitor vital functions.

These panels are useful for Illuminated MIMIC Diagram, Indication & Control Panels, Distribution of Gas, oil, steam and other liquids, different industrial process with status Indication & Railways for control & Signaling system of Railways.

MIMIC Panels are used for the identification of exact fault locations, in a very large and elaborated system, where it is not possible to inspect every nook and corner physically.

In addition to that, it helps in controlling and viewing of the whole system from one single place. This not only saves efforts and precious time but also makes whole system streamlined and efficient. ECONOMIC DESIGN
  • Customizable designs
  • Reliability
  • Long life
  • Clearly marked buttons and LED indicators
  • Compliance with international standards & IP standards
  • Delivered on short notice
  • Availability of interchangeable designs on request
  • Use of superior quality raw material
  • Ash Handling plants
  • Cement plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Iron and Steel plants
  • Power Generation plants
  • Traffic monitoring system
  • Railway signal system
  •  Air traffic control system
  • Security system
  • Distribution SCADA
  • Water or gas distribution system
  • HVAC system
VACUUM SWITCHGEAR (11KV) We are offering wide range of vacuum switchgear (11kv). Our range of vacuum switchgear (11kv) are fabricated with high quality raw material & latest technology. Available in various specifications as per clients requirements.
SOCKET PANELS These boards are in wide use in welding application industries. Which are designed and manufactured in keep in mind with the safety of the user. The welding socket boards consists of high with standing capability socket outlets along with safety tripping devices.
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